Week 1 — Virgil’s Café

It’s been One Week since you looked at me … Not really, but Barenaked Ladies are were cool, so I thought it to be appropriate.

A self-proclaimed Cincinnati enthusiast, I like to think I know a reasonable amount about this great city. Conversely, I am still learning so much about it, and there are a ton of places where I’ve yet to go. This blog, along with Yelp, will help me frequent these great restaurants, music venues, and various entertainment events (one per week for an entire year) while providing you with a review of each—y’know, to keep me honest.

[Disclaimer: I’ll let you in on a little secret: some of these places I’ve actually been to, but I’ve either a) not been recently enough to efficiently review said place (Say? Like, years.), b) don’t remember having been to that particular place, or c) loved it so much that I felt it was necessary to make my triumphant return to review it for you.]

Onward to the review:

Virgil’s Café
I’d surprisingly not yet made the jaunt to Virgil’s Café—quite the mistake in my book. I’ve heard great review after great review, and have had friends recommend it time and time again. The parking situation isn’t ideal (street parking), but it’s doable, especially earlier in the evening. I’d imagine during the week it’s even less of a pain (make reservations on the weekends). I was very impressed with the interior of the restaurant (remarkably similar to the interior of a house—homey, comfortable, and relaxed) and, not to brag or anything, but we had the best seats in the house (a two-top table with extremely comfortable chairs adjacent to a front window looking out to Fairfield Avenue), which were pretty adorable for a date if you’re into that sort of thing.

Because this trip was made strictly to try the burger, I will review that particular fare as necessary:

Burger – 4.5/5
Very high quality meat (that’s what she said) that was cooked pretty well, though not literally. I prefer mine medium. Juicy and good flavor, but not entirely messy and not too big (also what she said).

Toppings – 2.75/5
I wasn’t super thrilled with my choices here, but I decided on cheddar cheese (not a ton of flavor) and onions. Eighty-six the mushrooms.

Burger to Bun ratio – 3/5
The bun was decently good, and the ratio was alright. The bun didn’t get soggy and wasn’t entirely overwhelming, but it was a little on the big side (I swear these jokes write themselves).

Side(s) – 3.75/5
We opted for the Peking Duck Egg Rolls special as a starter and, while they were a little bit spicy with the sauce, they were generally very good, and extremely reasonably priced. Additionally, I got the Sweet Potato Fries with my burger. Individually they are sorely overpriced ($7 for standard sweet potato fries—nothing to write a blog about), but I believe they are only an up-charge with the purchase of an entrée, which was worth it.

Linger Factor (NEW) – 4/5
Since it’s been a few weeks since I’ve had this particular dish, I can say that—since I’ve had it—I haven’t necessarily craved the burger, but I’ve definitely thought about the atmosphere, décor, the comfy seats, our great view, and the appetizer. Also my date, but he doesn’t count.

Total: 18/25 or 3.6/5 The experience at Virgil’s did not disappoint. The burgers, however, left a little bit to be desired.

The cheeseburger was definitely good and worth trying. Is it something I’ll often crave and be sure to get if/when I make my return to Virgil’s? Probably not. But I hear the poutine is great.

Because it’s been so chilly outside, most of the upcoming reviews will be restaurants and inside venues. Until it gets warmer, anyway.


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