Midweek Must Mention — Mekong Thai Cuisine

This week’s Midweek Must Mention (someplace I’ve been quite a few times, but feel it’s absolutely necessary to clue you guys in) is located in Kenwood (slash Deer Park slash Silverton) on Montgomery Road.

I’ve just recently taken to Thai food within the past few years, and—more specifically—I’ve frequented Amarin (Madeira) and Bangkok Bistro (Hyde Park). Though I was satisfied with both, I found myself yearning for something more in my Thai experience. It wasn’t until I was fooling around on Urbanspoon, did Mekong Thai Cuisine spin its way into my heart.

Location: Mekong Thai Cuisine is a small-ish restaurant located in a small-ish strip mall adjacent to a LaRosa’s, nail place, Minuteman Press, and Skyline Chili. Therefore, there are places to park in a parking lot, but there aren’t a ton of spots. During very high traffic (no pun intended) hours, spots can be a little harder to come by, but I don’t think I’ve had many problems with the parking situation. (During peak hours it isn’t all that crazy to have to walk a couple of minutes to this delicacy, but if that’s an issue, well, that’s a You Problem.) If you’re at Kenwood Mall or somewhere running errands in the Kenwood area, this is definitely a place you should try.

Atmosphere: The atmosphere is basic: located in a small retail strip center, it is a long, unassuming, narrow restaurant with booths throughout. There are a couple of flat screen TVs, so if you are looking for a romantic Thai occasion, I’d stick with Teak, but for a casual culinary sensation, look no further than Mekong. The décor is minimal if nonexistent. It’s clear that this place is here to provide good food; not an entire dining experience.

Thai Garlic Chicken (lunch portion) sans vegetables
Thai Garlic Chicken (lunch portion) sans vegetables

Food: I’ve heard rave reviews about their Pad Thai, but my preferred meal is Thai Garlic Chicken (1.5 out of 3 spice level) with a vegetable egg roll. The egg rolls are served with an unbelievable sauce adorned with ketchup- and mustard-type condiments, and are—without a doubt—the greatest egg rolls I’ve ever had. The Thai Garlic Chicken is perfect even for picky eaters and a 1.5 spice level is just the right kick for discerning spice eaters such as myself (I like a little bit of spice, but also prefer an enjoyable eating experience. Too spicy food is not at all pleasurable in my eyes).

Vegetable Egg Roll with ketchup- and mustard-adorned dipping sauce
Vegetable Egg Roll with ketchup- and mustard-adorned dipping sauce

It should be noted that the lunch portions are sizable and are a fantastic deal, while the price for dinner is a bit higher (pretty standard operation). Additionally, everything I’ve tried has been good, and they even serve basic Chinese dishes for the more picky eaters. Menu can be viewed here.

Overall Grade: A- [out of a possible A+]

The workers are typically very friendly and the service is great (the frequency of drink refills could use some work, especially when the entrées are on the spicier side), and the dishes run anywhere from about $7-$12 for lunch. This hidden gem is one for all Thai lovers to try, as it is easily my favorite [so far] in Cincinnati.


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