Brain Lapse Blog Post — Aglamesis Bros.

This is one of those “never been” places that wasn’t on The List, but I feel like I should write about it.

Let me start with the fact that I don’t love ice cream. It’s good, but I fancy myself more of a French fry person than one who, say, enjoys sweets. Therefore, if you want to keep reading this review, let’s do it! Otherwise, if you don’t trust my non-discerning opinion, feel free to check out (see also: you should keep reading if only for fun).

That said, it should be no surprise that I’ve not been to Aglamesis Brothers in my 27+ years of life. Just this past weekend, Date and I decided that needed to be changed.

Location: planted amid the hustle and bustle of Oakley Square, Aglamesis Brothers (it’s written Bros., so I will continue to write and pronounce it as “Bros”), an ice cream confectionery boasting a pink facade, couldn’t have earned a much better location for its shoppe (I feel like it deserves the English spelling, no?). With a number of restaurants surrounding it, Aglamesis lends its perfectly dessert-like hand in a convenient location for post-meal delicacies. If you’re looking to check it out after a delicious meal in the Square, walking is perfectly doable. If not, a number of parking spots are available in lots and on the street as well.

[Pre-Aglamesis Bros meal suggestions in the Square: Oakley Pub for a burger, Habit’s Café for any of its extensive menu, Baba India, Boca for pricier fare and valet parking, Maribelle’s for a burger or brunch, or even Skyline or Dewey’s for more popular chain restaurants.]

Atmosphere: Sitting inside of this ice cream parlor, I felt like I was either auditioning for or had a small role in The Music Man. That’s not necessarily a bad thing (I happen to really enjoy that movie); merely an observation. The interior decor is home-like and comfortable, if a little kitschy (read: way too much pink). It truly feels like a confectionery, complete with plenty of ice cream options, pastries, and candies (we got the 12-Flavor Gummy Bears which were delicious).

Food: In standard ice cream form, I opted for one dip French Vanilla and one dip Holland Dutch Chocolate on a sugar cone overturned into a bowl (if an ice cream place can’t master the originals, what’s the point?). I could have easily done without the French Vanilla, as it was nothing to blog home about. The chocolate was very good, though, even if it reminded me a ton of Graeter’s. Date decided on Mocha Chip in a rainbow jimmy-dipped waffle cone. He seemed to enjoy it, despite the ice cream making its way through the cone opening at the bottom (this was his only vocal complaint—he’s kind of quiet though, so what do I know?). Next time I go, I decided I will get Banana Chocolate Chip, mostly because I’ve never seen it elsewhere, and secondly because they were out last time I was there (probably a good thing—it wouldn’t have been awesome to have to choose between my “regular” and that).

One scoop French vanilla, one scoop Holland Dutch chocolate (left); Mocha chip (right)
One scoop French vanilla, one scoop Holland Dutch chocolate (left); Mocha chip (right)

Overall Grade: C+ [out of a possible A+]

I’m really glad I finally got to try this place. While I don’t particularly love ice cream (especially of the scoop persuasion), it was good enough (read: above average) and I’m sure I’ll be back in the future. If you like Graeter’s, you must check this place out.


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