“Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat At Chains”

I absolutely love this quote (as seen on the front of Brown Dog Café’s menu) and it’s one of my recent favorites, even if it is strikingly similar to the “friends don’t let friends drink and drive” meme.

With friends who do drink and drive, I feel like I’m consistently trying to talk them out of it. Guys, it’s not worth it. The ramifications aren’t necessary and it’s generally unsafe. On the occasion when one does opt out of drinking and driving, the all-around experience tends to be much more enjoyable, carefree, and safe. Everyone wins.

No differently, I feel as though I’m incessantly encouraging my friends and family members to venture out of the usual chain restaurants to try and to patronize local establishments. I’m an advocate. A huge one. I’m also opiniated and not quiet (so I have no qualms with letting you know). You make the choice.

Now get out and eat [locally]!


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  1. Phil Savitt says:

    Thats what I love about going to school at BG, aside from the fast food chains to attract people off the highways its not littered with chain restaurants, and doesn’t need to be because the local restaurants are so amazing. People actual complain that there aren’t chains like Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and Longhorn Steakhouse in BG. These people are crazy IMO

    1. Pop Culture Broad says:

      I agree. I absolutely loved the food in BG, especially EasyStreet, Pollyeye’s, Myle’s, Jed’s, Call of the Canyon Café, Bamboo Garden, etc. I won’t lie though, I loved me some Tim Horton’s too 🙂 … But that’s because it’s largely unavailable for me.

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