Week 12 — Newport Pizza Company

Date and I hadn’t been to a mutual List Place* in a while (read: a couple of weeks), so I suggested this New York-style pizza joint as a convenient meeting place to go for when we met up with my best friend and her F-word**. Boy, I’m glad we did, too.

Location: Newport Pizza Co. is situated in an old building on Monmouth at the corner of 6th in, well, Newport. There is a very small lot behind the place, and there is a lot of street parking— at least during non-peak hours, and I’m sure on weekend nights the parking is much slimmer pickin’s. But the building’s façade is really cool, and I liked that a lot.

Atmosphere: Pretty standard here. It was colder inside—literally and figuratively, seeing as the floor was tiled, the tables and chairs weren’t anything worth writing home about, and we were sitting by the entrance. The atmosphere was obviously not a super high priority and, as long as the food impressed, all that mattered was the company we were with. It was formal enough for a meeting place to house a “double date” but it was informal enough to where we could be loud and share laughs and apparently slop spinach artichoke dip on one’s dress without feeling like a total goon (that may or may not have been me). All around it wasn’t a total dive, but it wasn’t super nice either—about what you’d expect from a pizza joint, though maybe infinitesimally nicer than your neighborhood Pizza Hut.

Top: pepperoni pizza; bottom: half meatball, half Cincinnatus
Top: pepperoni pizza; bottom: half meatball, half Cincinnatus

Food: Impress, it did. The greater Cincinnati area isn’t known for its stellar pizza, and the fare available at NPC was very good. There were a number of specialty pizzas available in addition to building your own (of sorts), appetizers, salads, and other Italian dishes. Best Friend and her F-word opted for spinach artichoke dip and cheesy garlic bread to start. The spinach artichoke dip was really good, while the cheesy garlic bread was pretty standard if not above average. The two of them then opted for a 16” pepperoni pizza while Date and I got a half Meatball, half Cincinnatus 12” pizza. The meatball portion featured, well, meatballs, ricotta, parmesan, Italian sausage, mozzarella, and provolone, and the Cincinnatus boasted cream cheese, Cincinnati chili, and sharp cheddar. Oh, the Cincinnatus! While I don’t love Cincinnati-style chili (or Skyline for that matter), I’m a self-proclaimed Skyline Dip junkie, and this definitely gave me my fix. When I first saw this treat on the menu, I was equal parts terrified and intrigued. Color me entirely impressed and intrigued at this point. Anyone who likes Skyline Dip needs this immediately. My favorite part of the meal, hands down.

Overall Grade: B- [out of a possible A+]

The food was great. The company was awesome. The building was really cool. Our service was not bad but not great. The interior was unimpressive. The overall experience was pretty great, but not the best. But for pizza in the greater Cincinnati area, this is absolutely upper echelon.

*For those who don’t know, this whole thing started as me creating a list of 70+ restaurants for Date to visit throughout 2013. My list evolved from there and I removed places I’d been and added entertainment venues and other Cincinnati specialties. Some of these places appear on his AND my lists. This is one of them.

**She’s engaged to the guy. Some may call him her future husband or future baby dad. I refuse to use the F-word because it makes me uncomfortable.


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  1. mcrunner262 says:

    Don’t call me the F-word…

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