Burger Review — Wildflower Café

Instead of inundating you with a super, über long post about Wildflower and its burger, I decided that I would create a separate burger review. This is, y’know, the best cheeseburger in all the land*. Allegedly. Onward!

Burger: 5/5
The grass-fed beef made a huge difference here. The quality of the meat was fresh, tasteful, juicy, and to top it off, it was cooked to perfection.

Toppings: 5/5
Adorned with feta cheese, double smoked bacon, sweet roasted pepper, shaved onion, and red chili aioli atop a pretzel bun, the Wildflower burger contained toppings that provided great additional flavor to the cheeseburger, but didn’t detract from the overall taste either. As far as the toppings are concerned, I closely compare the taste to Gordo’s. While Date agreed with that proclamation, he tends to believe that the beef at Wildflower is much better, while the toppings at Gordo’s reign supreme. You say tomato, I say tom-ah-to.

Bun: 4/5
I was a bit concerned, at first read through the menu, that a pretzel bun was involved. My previous misconception had me terrified that my burger would overwhelmingly taste like a giant pretzel (not a bad thing; just not what I was looking for in a gourmet burger), but that was definitely not the case. It complemented the burger perfectly, and added just the right dosage of additional flavor to an already-good, already-jam-packed delicacy. I won’t go into my disappointment that they no longer serve burgers on Blue Oven Bakery buns, because this was really good. Additionally, the texture allowed for maximum juiceage without becoming entirely soggy.

Side(s): —
I have pretty much no complaints as far as the burger is concerned, but I will say that I didn’t love the fact that that fries weren’t an option to accompany this beefy entrée. It did, however, come with a pretty decent and well-presented Caesar salad. To be fair, I’ll leave this section a wash. It’d be unfair for this place to lose points based on optional fare—even if it does feel like it should be a compulsory item.

Linger Factor: 4.75/5
I’ve thought about this place a decent amount since my first tryst with Wildflower Café. From its comfortable, homey interior to its stellar fare, it’s safe to say that this lovely establishment has spent a sizeable amount of time on my brain. It’s definitely one of the better restaurants I’ve been to in the area, and its wonderful service, friendly workers, fantastic food, and even better presentation are all to thank for that.

Total Burger Score: 18.75/20, or 4.6875/5 (we’ll round up to 4.7/5).

*Okay, fine, the best cheeseburger in the greater Cincinnati area. Still allegedly.


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