Week 15 — Tacos Locos

Food trucks aren’t a new phenomena, but their recent rise in popularity is relatively new to the local scene.

While a number of food trucks are pretty popular and regularly roam the Greater Cincinnati Area, others find home in a permanent space. Adhering to the former, you’ll find Cafe de Wheels (The Burger Truck), PizzaBomba, and a number of others. Tacos Locos, however, adheres to the latter and has a permanent residence.

Location: Enjoying a home in Pleasant Ridge, this food truck is situated on Montgomery Road, just south of Pleasant Ridge Chili and in the parking lot of what appears to be a shady convenience store. Don’t let its sketchy facade and surroundings deter you from trying it, though, as there are plenty of parking spaces where your vehicle can call home for at least the duration of the meal. Pretty easy to find and enough parking.

Atmosphere: Not much can really be said here. Because ordering food at a food truck is—often times—synonymous with eating in your car or on the fly, there is not much atmosphere to speak of here.

Food: Tacos Locos serves up some pretty authentic Mexican fare, including tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and tortas. If you’re starving, I highly recommend the latter. If you’re looking to try a variety of things, I suggest ordering singular items a la carte. The tortas are basically giant sandwiches boasting whichever meat you would like, and my dinner date this particular evening opted for the pork version. It was pretty dang good, featuring pork, jalapenos, onions, and cheese. The flavor was outstanding, and this was the best thing that I got to try. Feeling some serious pressure and unsure of what to get, I decided on a shrimp taco and cheese quesadilla with sour cream on the side. The sole worker forgot the sour cream, but I ate the quesadilla with hot sauce (free; comes with meal) instead. The hot sauce had the right amount of heat, but the wrong kind of flavor. It wasn’t awesome, in my opinion. I enjoyed the shrimp taco, but next time I am absolutely getting a torta, and there are a plethora of vegetarian options as well for the non-meat-eaters.

Overall Grade: C+ [out of possible A+]

Good, but not amazing, and I’d rather eat somewhere that has, y’know, tables (Read: not always the case, seeing as how much I love The Burger Truck. If the food is that good, the fact that it’s served out of a vehicle and isn’t super convenient to eat doesn’t bother me). That being said, next time you see a Cincinnati food truck, I suggest giving it your patronage. I’ve yet to eat from one I dislike, and you can’t beat the speed and convenience of a fast food restaurant, with the deliciousness and authenticity of a larger sit-down one.


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