Week 16 — Lucy Blue Pizza

Lucy Blue may not be new, but this late-night drunken pizza institution has opened another location just two doors south of Japp’s.

With the recent boom in late-light OTR frequenters drinkers (see also: douche-canoes who have just discovered Neon’s, The Annex, and Lackman, etc. as of late), Lucy Blue made the right call by implanting a new storefront with the convenience and ease of calling home merely next door to one of the neighborhood bars.

Location: [Virtually] next door to one of the neighborhood bars, Japp’s Since 1879. Okay, fine, two doors down. Parking can be found on the street or in various lots dispersed intermittently throughout OTR.

Atmosphere: The other Lucy Blue locations are simply windows that cater to the late-night crowd. Read: drinkers. Therefore, it was nice to be able feel a bit more sophisticated than your average drunk by sitting inside of a nicer restaurant. (The real kicker is that the same fare is offered in either state. Yay!) The Main Street location (1126 Main Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202) enjoys its own store front with bar and table seating. Wood floors greet its eager pizza eaters, and wood tables, chairs, and booths with—what seemed like—copper covering on the tables were deliberately placed throughout. Therefore, the interior was nice to look at and a bit rustic, but the benches were not very comfortable. I can imagine the chairs and high tops experience the same lack of comfort level. Thankfully, this was not a lengthy meal, and comfort was not of utmost priority. A girl was planted at the bar with her laptop, so I imagine there is wi-fi, if you’re looking to, uh, post up at a bar at a pizza place and do homework or talk in AOL chat rooms. I’ve never done that personally, but hey, who am I to judge? Anywho, nice enough place on the inside, and it looked like there was an okay beer selection, too. But again, who am I to judge … I once did a keg-stand on a Beast Ice-filled keg in college*.

Food: The delicious quality of pizza, which can often be misconstrued by the drunk crowd (everything tastes good in that state of mind, right?), is—in fact—delicious, and rightfully sits within the upper echelon of greater-Cincinnati pizza joints. Lucy Blue pizza boasts a sweeter flavor, and tickles the senses of even the most discerning pizza eaters. We were fortunate enough to have had the option to still order singular slices of pizza even though we were seated in a restaurant, which made it very easy to order and to split checks. While the slices were still upper echelon quality, I’m sure freshly-made pizza is much better.

In short, this place is good. Its pizza is better than most in the area, but I wasn’t totally blown away by the experience. A breath of fresh air from its window-serving predecessors? Sure. Rival to one of the best pizza places in town (A Tavola)? Definitely not.

Overall Grade: C+ [out of a possible A+]


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