Week 18 — Moerlein Lager House

It really is quite shocking that I hadn’t yet been to Lager House to have dinner. Previously, I’d been before and after Reds games for quick jaunts, an appetizer here and there, and—let’s be serious—gratuitous beverages. Okay, now that I say it like that, maybe it isn’t all that shocking. Regardless, I’m glad that I finally got to try Moerlein Lager House’s fare in all its glory.

A friend and her husband were in from out of town (a city, mind you, where the lake catches fire and women are kidnapped and held hostage for decades at a time), so it was necessary to go to a nice, trendy restaurant that would show off our fine, exemplary city. Lager House boasts stunning views and convenience to The Banks as well as the new Horseshoe Casino, so it was the perfect place to commence our Saturday evening.

Location: Situated on the southern cusp of The Banks just north of the Ohio River bank and west of Great American Ball Park, Lager House reaps the benefit of a fantastic location and even better views. This establishment is situated near public parking lots and a multitude of additional entertainment venues (including but not limited to GABP and The Banks) that allow for doing more than just heading downtown, having a meal at this place, and heading home.

Atmosphere: Lager House is contemporarily designed inside and out. Despite its having hard lines and right angles throughout, any potential stuffiness falls to the wayside, as it is still very welcoming, pleasant, and comfortable—literally and figuratively. The expansive windows welcome the exterior landscape to the interior, as indoor patrons (as well as ones sitting outside) have the pleasure of easily viewing and taking in such architectural gems as the Suspension Bridge and The Ascent, as well as the Ohio River, rolling Northern Kentucky hills, and glimpses of the city skyline.

Food: Moerlein Lager House is a nicer option for The Banks and can be a bit pricy; especially at the bar. That’s to be expected, though, seeing that if you are looking for cheap drinks and quick eats, you should probably meander north a couple of blocks to either Tin Roof or Holy Grail. Now back to Lager House. I was pleasantly surprised by the overall presentation of the food, and was pretty impressed with its flavor as well. For the occasion I opted for the Steak Frites dish: pepper dry rubbed sirloin (medium) with herb butter and served with parmesan garlic fries and black pepper mayo. Yes, it was as good as advertised. Perhaps it’s my love for garlic, but those fries were dang good. Everything else that was ordered (pork shank, jumbo lump crab crakes, and surf & turf to name a few) looked fantastic, too. Everyone at the table really liked their respective meals.

Because I forgot, I just asked Date, “What did you get at Lager House?” His reply? “Short ribs. Mmmm.” Verbatim. That’s linger factor, folks.

Overall Grade: B+ [out of a possible A+]


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