Week 20 — Music Hall

Music Hall

This world-renowned architectural gem is well known throughout the region as one of the more popular buildings in Cincinnati. Our city boasts a multitude of Italianate architecture—a style for which our city is quite famous. It is Music Hall, however, that more often than not represents this notorious bunch as the most famous prototype of Venetian Gothic.

Surprisingly, the interior design is just as architecturally significant as the façade. Oversized chandeliers adorn the second floor ceilings as they drape into view from the lobby of the first floor. Its hardy and stable craftsmanship from the 19th century is apparent throughout, as the décor remains immaculate and timeless even to this day. Home to Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati Opera, May Festival Chorus, and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, Music Hall’s Springer Auditorium enjoys near-perfect acoustics and a plethora of musical activities as one of the premier performance venues in the country—rivaling The Met in New York and DAR Constitution Hall in Washington D.C.

It had been as long as I could remember since I stepped foot inside of Cincinnati’s “premier classical music performance hall”, so when the Young Professionals Choir that I sing with scheduled a performance during the May Festival (both on the steps of this National Historical Landmark as well as inside), I was beyond thrilled. Its nostalgia, wonderful acoustics, handsome exterior, and even more gorgeous interior all provided the perfect backdrop to serenade our viewers.

Having the opportunity to sing inside of Music Hall—even if just in the second floor lobby—was one of the more significant, “cool” things I will do in my lifetime. If ever the opportunity arises to view a musical performance here, I highly recommend it, if just to catch a peak of its façade up close as well as its unparalleled interior. With close proximity to the newly-renovated and esteemed Washington Park, you can plan quite the fun-filled day around visiting both.

Overall grade: A+ [out of a possible A+]


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