Week 22 — MadTree Brewing

Cincinnatians are very fortunate that there has been a recent influx in the amount of breweries popping up around the area. While it’s tough to rival the bigger beer cities, I’d say that The Queen City isn’t doing so shabby nowadays.

With having visited Rivertown and 50 West as of late, I predicted that MadTree Brewery would be a mixture of the two. I wasn’t wrong.

The location: Situated in a building on Kennedy Avenue, MadTree Brewing enjoys proximity to both Oakley and Pleasant Ridge. Additionally, it is located right by I-71, so it is pretty easy to get to, even if there is currently construction going on in the area. Tons of parking, too, so if you’re really concerned about parking situations like Date usually is, don’t fret.

The place: While it is more of a warehouse like Rivertown, it boasts a lot more seating. From its exterior façade to the interior, it’s all around pretty industrial. MadTree doesn’t offer any food, which can be a bit of a drag if you need to coat your stomach before or during [excessive] beer sampling. Fortunately, Tacos Locos was kind enough to lend its culinary hand (and motor) to the occasion by providing fare to MadTree’s patrons. Date and I, unfortunately, had already eaten, but everyone else who was jonesing for some food raved about the ability to have tacos, quesadillas, and tortas the size of your head to accompany MadTree’s hoppy libations.

The beer: Hoppy. Very, very hoppy. I am no beer professional and I would never claim to be. However, I generally enjoy amber ales more than any of the other options on beer lists, and its flavor—bearing striking resemblance to an IPA—just wasn’t for me. I’ve already decided that, the next time I get to MadTree, I will instead opt for the brown ale (Gnarly Brown).

The fact that I didn’t love my particular brew choice but intend to go back is a testament to how much I did like the place generally.

Overall grade: B- [out of a possible A+]


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