Week 23 — Findlay Market

Findlay Market is not only one of Ohio’s oldest, most historic markets, it is one of Cincinnati’s more popular and recognizable landmarks. If you’ve never been to this institution, you really need to change that. There is something for absolutely everyone here, as there is a plethora of dining options, produce, quality meats, crafts, and other grocery needs.

Location: Situated on the Northern Cusp of Over-the-Rhine, Findlay Market enjoys walking proximity from OTR/Downtown and close convenience to both Northside and Clifton. There is a parking lot close to the market, as well as a lot of street parking, which makes getting to Findlay Market from outside of a mile+ radius a bit easier. Date said, “I’ll be honest, I would definitely live down here.” The idea of being able to merely step outside, grab a delicious bite to eat for brunch or a quality piece of meat to grill for that night is pretty ideal. I’d have to agree.

Atmosphere: Walking through the market, you see people of all walks of life. Its obvious diversity contributes to the overall cultural feel, which isn’t always something you experience anywhere else in Cincinnati. There is a certain ambiance that is apparent especially when the weather is beautiful, and its Midwestern location provokes a sense of comraderie among its hundreds of patrons.

Food: Probably the best thing about this place is the ability to eat wherever you’d like and not have to worry about having the same thing as whoever you’re with. For example: Date and I weren’t necessarily looking to have similar fare for brunch. And we didn’t need to, considering we were going to a place featuring a multitude of food vendors. Of course, we both opted for Mama Lo Hizo—partly because I’d never had it and didn’t want to fuss with going somewhere else. But also because it looked positively delicious. What can I say? I was in the mood for breakfast, so I got a breakfast burrito. I can be a little weird and a little high maintenance, but I didn’t get any second or third glances when I asked for rice, eggs, queso, corn, and a little bit of cheese to fill my carb-y treat. My meal, Date’s meal (steak breakfast bowl), and our drinks came to a grand total of $11.50, which was pretty outstanding. I also got Mexican Vanilla and Nutella gelato from Dojo Gelato, and that was outstanding.

I highly recommend Findlay Market and its vendors to everyone I can. Even if you’ve already eaten and don’t need groceries, walking through the Market is still a viable option to at least do something different or to kill time on the weekend. But you should probably patronize one of the many vendors. They’re great.

Overall grade: A+ [out of a possible A+]


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