Week 24 — Incline Public House

Typically garnering a bad rap because of its “inferiority” to the Eastside (as claimed by self-righteous eastsiders*), I am thrilled that the Westside is finally getting in on all the fun. While the Westside is known more for its tradition and older establishments, Price Hill has been anointed as pretty darn cool with the new addition in Incline Public House. The Price Hill Incline operated for more than 63 years, but hasn’t been in operation since 1938. The historic area, however, has remained mostly intact, and now provides quite the experience in what now resides in this location: Incline Public House, a gastro pub atop The Queen City.

View from the restaurant.

Location: IPH’s location, while seemingly shifty on the trek up, absolutely lives up to its namesake and its most notorious characteristic. It resides on one of Cincinnati’s many rolling hills and enjoys unparalleled sweeping vistas of the city, its geographical makeup, and its historic architecture. Parking can be a bit of a hassle, however, so be prepared to have to park on the street and to make a short walk to and from the restaurant.

Atmosphere: best part of this place hands down. Date and I were celebrating our 1-year anniversary and it was absolutely perfect for a place to enjoy each other, our surroundings, the libations, the food, and—especially—the panoramic views of downtown Cincinnati and beyond. We were seated pretty close to our neighbors, which made it easy to exchange conversation if we so preferred. Conversely, we enjoyed enough of our own table to not have to chat with our neighbors either. I can see how the interior gets pretty loud at peak hours, but being there at 5:30, it was still pretty reasonable.

Food: not near the best in the area, but good enough to make me want to go back, that’s for sure. I was really in the mood for French fries, so I opted for a cheeseburger (cooked medium) with fries. The cheeseburger was overcooked but still tasted pretty good. The fries weren’t hot either and, despite still tasting pretty okay, I wasn’t thrilled. I think Date was pretty satisfied with his steak salad, albeit a little overcooked as well. I know next time I will go for the pizza. People seem to rave about it and I look forward to getting to try it.

Despite having gotten there relatively early (at 5:30pm) on a Saturday, Date and I had to sit inside because there was no wait and, to be seated on the exterior deck, the wait exceeded an hour. This particular day, unfortunately, we weren’t afforded that kind of time, seeing as we had a 7pm Reds game to get to. So sitting inside it was, and that was totally okay with me. Next time I make it to Public House (and there will be a next time), I will be sure to carve out enough time to be able to sit outside and take in the view. And hey, if there is a lengthy wait, there are more than enough craft beers on tap to satiate your palate in the meantime. From what I know (and from what Date has said), the beer list is quite impressive and features a ton of local breweries on draft.

Overall grade: A [out of a possible A+] if mostly for the view.

*As a self-proclaimed “middle-sider” and overseer of the whole spectacle, I will gladly say that no one in Cincinnati really even cares about Eastside vs. Westside except eastsiders.


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