Week 25 — Wine & Canvas

Wine & Canvas final product

This particular week I tried something new and really cool*. I’m sure you’ve all heard of Cheers to Art, which are awesome painting studios slash bars in Madeira and OTR. I’d never been, but I always loved the concept, so when the opportunity to paint with Wine & Canvas presented itself (err, was presented by my friend Courtney), I was happy to oblige.

Just like you have Tupperware parties and “Fun” parties, W&C is a traveling “paint class with cocktails”, and this particular event took place at Flipdaddy’s in Symmes Township. All of the supplies were supplied by Wine & Canvas, and two hostesses joined us for our 3-hour, $35 rendezvous.

Although neither food nor drinks were included in the fee, food was optional and available, and there were drink specials throughout the evening. At $35, it was well worth the supplies (canvas, paint, brushes, etc.) and the end product, as it served as the perfect birthday gift for my mom’s birthday, which just so happened to follow just a couple of weeks after.

What better than to tie on a buzz while painting with zero experience required? And with friends? Wine goggles to make even the worst paintings look decent!

Overall grade: B+ [out of a possible A+]

*Thanks, Courtney, for organizing this fun event!


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