We’re halfway there…

…are you still with me? I hope so! If not, you’re more than welcome to tag along!

I hope you are enjoying this trek about the city as much as I am. I have already gotten to try so many cool, new places, as well as re-visit and share with you all some of my favorite establishments in the region. And with some of my favorite people, to boot!

To reiterate, and in case you’ve forgotten why I am doing this, the entire premise of this whole escapade is to pique your interest in wanting to explore The Queen City and all of its wonderful establishments, events, and restaurants. Cincinnati catches a lot of flack from its residents who think there “isn’t anything to do here”. Well I’m here to prove you wrong. I may only be doing 52 “new” things this year, but this is hardly even touching on all of the wonderful possibilities that our great city has to offer. As long as you are willing to get out and try new things, there will always be new people to meet, places to visit and explore, and restaurants to try.

So get moving! There is nothing wrong with being a tourist in your own city.

Do you have any suggestions regarding where I should go, visit, or try? What are some hidden and not-so-hidden gems that you love in Cincinnati?


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