Week 27 — Brew River Gastropub

There’s a new(er) Gastropub in town. And this time it’s in the East Walnut Hills area.

Location: Even though Riverside drive isn’t the most convenient of thoroughfares, this place isn’t too difficult to get to. Further, I’d compare the parking situation to that of Terry’s Turf Club: street parking only, but there is a lot of it, even if you have to park a couple of walking minutes away. Thankfully we did not, and our drive to Brew River and our parking situations were relatively easy. Navigating from this place, however, proved to be a different story.

Atmosphere: I would compare our seating arrangement to that of where we were seated at Virgil’s Café, and that’s not a bad thing. Our small and intimate table for two enjoyed a window view, which provided vistas of both Riverside Drive and the Ohio River in the distance. Although I’d previously probably not  categorize this as a “river view restaurant” (read: pretty much on the water), it was certainly the next best thing. The atmosphere was laid back but sophisticated, and served as a pretty perfect date restaurant. It felt a little romantic on the second floor, while the first floor boasted a large bar and TVs for patrons to experience more of a sports bar feel while viewing whichever game was being shown. I’d think Brew River is even ideal for smaller groups, as the outdoor seating proved to cater to such.

Brew River Gastropub

Food: I was very impressed with what Brew River had to offer. I like going out with Date for a number of reasons, but one of them is because he likes to try new appetizers. I grew up in a relatively entrée-only family, so getting to try new and delicious pre-meal dishes is quite the treat. And Brew River’s stuffed mushrooms were just that. From what I understand, it was some kind of special, as this delicacy does not appear on the menu. However, these lightly-battered, cream cheese-stuffed mushrooms in some kind of yummy sauce were truly wonderful (shown above), and set the tone for our meals to follow. I opted for the Oyster Po’ Boy, which was pretty good but not amazing. Next tryst with Brew River, I will surely opt for a different dish, but one that definitely features truffle fries. Oh, the truffle fries! My favorite fries in the area (or anywhere, really) are the truffle fries from Senate and, boy, these are a pretty close second. The garlic aioli with which they are served is also very delicious. Date decided on the Fish of the Day, which featured Mahi Mahi, cauliflower puree, mushrooms, asparagus, and chimichurri sauce. He seemed to really enjoy it, and from the bite I got to try, I did too. It should be mentioned that the beer selection is quite great and the menu even has wine and beer pairing suggestions for the dishes that appear on it.

I was speaking with Date last night about how excited I was to have another subject to write about this week. His response? “I was just thinking how much I liked it.”

That’s linger factor, folks.

Overall grade: A- [out of a possible A+]


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