Midweek Must Mention — Fountain Square

As a lifetime resident of this great city, I have to say that, in recent years, Fountain Square has really made leaps and bounds into becoming a fantastic place to rendezvous with friends and peers, while taking in the beautiful downtown cityscape.

There’s something strange about being transported from an underground parking garage to Fountain Square. Walking out of the elevator, the journey from concrete abyss to happening venue is swift, and the atmosphere electric.

As the epicenter of the Central Business District, Fountain Square always has a lot going on. In the winter there is an ice rink (complete with open skate as well as broomball leagues), and in the summer there is a constant flux of live music (including but not limited to the MidPoint Summer Series and Santino Corleon), vendors, and festivals in which to partake.

Tyler Davidson FountainThe Tyler Davidson Fountain is beautiful and iconic and serves as the staple landmark. Even if it’s a “slow” night on the Square, I find much joy in sitting and relaxing; taking in the fountain, surrounding architecture, and passersby.

This really is Cincinnati at its finest.


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