Week 29 — Kyoto Japanese Cuisine

Date and I have recently taken to eating at Kyoto for lunch, as it is pretty convenient for both of us to get to from work. I’d even so much as say it’s unofficially our go-to favorite spot for lunch, and that is largely in part to the wonderful lunch special I’ve become so accustomed to getting.

Location: Situated in the parking lot of a small-ish strip center off of a pretty busy thoroughfare, I’d say that the parking and directional situations are pretty ideal. Kyoto is relatively easy to get to, and parking has never been an issue, as there is seemingly plenty of it to go around.

Atmosphere: The restaurant itself is relatively small and pretty unassuming, albeit cute and quaint. It doesn’t feel sterile like many Asian restaurants do, and it’s perfectly comfortable yet intimate enough for a date (during lunch or even dinner, I’d assume). Thankfully there isn’t cheesy, stereotypical Asian music either, as the soundtrack to every meal is instead the voices of its patrons. 

Food: Here’s where Kyoto really shines. I would be hard pressed to find a better way to spend $11 for lunch anywhere in the city. For $10.95—brace yourselves—you are showered with hibachi chicken (while this is not made in front of you like at a “traditional” hibachi restaurant, the hibachi sauce in which the chicken is tossed in is to die for), rice, a spring roll, California roll, and shrimp tempura. I’m not lying when I say I need a nap after this fulfilling delicacy. (Note: I understand that $11 isn’t terribly inexpensive—especially for lunch—but for the amount of food you get and for such a mid-day “treat”, I believe it is an outstanding price.)


If you can make it to Kyoto for lunch, you absolutely must try it. If not, get there for dinner. In the half dozen times we’ve been over the past 6 months, neither Date nor I have been disappointed with our meals.

Overall grade: B+ [out of a possible A+]


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