Week 31 — Pleasant Ridge Chili

Known for its gravy cheese fries served as a late-night delicacy*, PRC (as it is so affectionately known around the Greater Cincinnati area) is a local institution. Having gone to college out of town, I have not been well versed in this inexpensive yet delightful dive. That is, however, until I started dating a Xavier grad. Date all but required me giving this place a try after a night of a drink or 7**—a state in which I was primed to enjoy my first tryst with the beloved and much talked about PRC.

Location: PRC is located conveniently on Montgomery Road, smack dab in the middle of it all. Therefore, it is convenient to get to and there is a parking lot adjacent to the restaurant. Because most of its patrons are of the late night variety, may I suggest a DD? (And I don’t mean bra size.)

Atmosphere: There is absolutely nothing to write home about regarding the atmosphere. I will say, though, that it is not near as dingy and run down as other late-night diners in the area. (From what I’ve heard, there’s been a “renovation” as of recently. I shudder to think the kind of money they spent on that.) There is a decent amount of seating; at least until the crowd comes in after the bars close. In that case, good luck finding a table for more than 4 without waiting an hour. It should be noted that there is a rotating wheel that “sends” the kitchen the checks with orders on them. I don’t even know what those are called, but it’s charming and a little bit adorable. And you shouldn’t be surprised when I say that this place is cash only.

Food: I can’t vouch for PRC without being at least a few drinks deep. But after drinking myself to a level of what I will call “PRC Delicious”, I’ve quite enjoyed this place the two times I’ve been. The first time it was mandatory that I delve into gravy cheese fries. They were as good as advertised, even if I felt like I gained 7 pounds after eating them. Because I’d already given those a try, my second tryst I decided to get a grilled cheese and cheese fries with the ranch dressing I was so in the mood to have. That was also very good.

PRC is your standard greasy spoon diner with a plethora of history and tradition, which is awesome. It also helps that it gives me a peak into the world of Date and his friends many moons before he and I even met. I’m not sure if the best part about this place is the people watching or the gravy cheese fries, but either way it is a real treat.

Overall grade: B- [out of a possible A+]

*Err, drunk food.
**I was many drinks deep. My DD, however, was not.


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