Midweek Must Mention — Shopping Locally

There are a number of great places of commerce in the Greater Cincinnati area, but it is shopping locally that greatly benefits our neighborhoods economically*. There are a handful of relevant independent retail establishments where I highly recommend to shop locally:

Chicken Lays an Egg (Northside) — Vintage and second-hand boutique
Findlay Market (Over-the-Rhine) — A place to shop among the plethora of local meat and produce vendors; “Ohio’s oldest operating public market”
MiCA 12/v (Over-the-Rhine) — Urban gift shop in downtown Cincinnati
Mustard Seed Boutique (Clifton) — Vintage and consignment shop
Park+Vine (Over-the-Rhine) — Organic grocery and local boutique; “The general store of the future”
Wire & Twine (www.wireandtwine.com) (as well as other vendors at the Cincinnati T-shirt Festival) — I can’t rave enough about the fantastic customer service provided by this place. Also outstanding screen-printed tees.

While there are numerous additional local retailers where Cincinnatians should be spending their money, the aforementioned are where I prefer to go personally. I can’t say that I am as well versed in this regard as I am with local restaurants, so if you have suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

*Shopping at an independent business returns more than 50% of its revenue to the local economy, while only 14% is returned by national chains (per http://www.pvlocalfirst.org/economic-studies, among numerous other sources). Additionally, it increases job opportunities for our neighbors and community members. For those of you who choose to defy this fact based solely on political reasons: kick rocks. This is not a political issue. If you care about the well-being of your respective communities, I suggest you take note. *jumps enthusiastically off of soap box*


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