Week 33 — City Flea

This is not your standard flea market, folks. And anything taking place in Washington Park is sure to be awesome—that is a scientific fact. There was more than ample space for vendors to set up shop among the green space in Cincinnati’s hottest park. These vendors included a number of artists, designers, and crafters, which were selling a plethora of apparel, jewelry, antiques, furniture, photography, artwork, and home décor. In addition to the multitude of vendors in attendance, a number of food trucks were present, which made shopping on an empty stomach a worry of the past.

It was a bit like shopping at the trendiest mall your mind could think up: being able to tangibly shop at all of your favorite Etsy shops with the coolest and yummiest food court you could imagine, as the variety of retail options was diverse and plentiful, as well as all in the same common space.

Some notes:

  • There were a lot of vendors, but there weren’t too many, which made it feasible to make it through all of them within an hour. A few more wouldn’t hurt, but more than that would be too many.
  • Speaking of a lot of vendors: there were a number of food trucks and I finally got to try C’est Cheese. I got the Cheesy Wonder while Date opted for the Bee Sting. Mine was really good as far as standard grilled cheeses go, but the Bee Sting was much better. I know what I’m getting next time. I also got to enjoy the Churro Gelato from Dojo (which is becoming a new favorite), as well as the Mmmmm Oreo cupcake from the SugarSnap! dessert truck. Brother even made it down for the occasion and got to try a Wheelsburger from Café de Wheels. (He loved it. I knew he would.)
  • Admittedly, I didn’t feel like I could take my time meandering through each of the tents. That wasn’t too big a deal, though, as I’m typically pretty impatient and don’t like lollygagging when it comes to shopping anyway. It’s just not really my thing and I have to be in the mood to do thorough perusing. But yeah, I need to go when I feel like taking my time looking through and don’t feel like I’m rushing myself.
  • I bought another vintage camera to add to my small collection. I got a really wonderful throwback Polaroid and shopped locally in the meantime. Win/win.
  • The weather could not have been more perfect. In the shade it was breezy and wonderful and in the sun it was pretty warm.
  • This is my first post where I got to share my experience with my nephew. Seeing him among the crowd and enjoying himself in the fountains at WashingtonPark was awesome. I’m so thankful that he will grow up being able to experience all of the awesome that Cincinnati has to offer.

City Flea was a fantastic reminder of how wonderful, fun, and hip our city is and is continues to become. I repeat: this is not your standard flea market, folks.

Overall grade: A [out of a possible A+]





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