Week 34 — Rascal’s NY Deli

After getting a taste of the whitefish salad sandwich of Rascal’s NY Deli fame during Cincinnati Magazine’s Soup & Sandwich event just a couple of months ago, I have been wanting to get back to Rascal’s ever since.

Location (Blue Ash): Tucked into a strip center at the intersection of Kenwood and Cooper Roads, Rascal’s can easily remain unseen by its passersby. Fortunately there is a plethora of parking options that allow for ease and convenience in addition to the main thoroughfares that provide easy access to its otherwise secluded location.

Atmosphere: Even though Rascal’s garners its mealtime fame for being a deli, there is plenty of seating available among half of the restaurant. And it’s not sterile seating that looks out of place; it is comfortable and decent-looking tables and chairs are strategically placed throughout the seating area. A giant, abstract mural of downtown Cincinnati adorns one of the interior walls, which is not only pleasant to look at, but it displays a sense of pride Rascal’s has in its Greater Cincinnati roots. A local restaurant that overtly displays its love for this fine city is A-okay with me. I digress.

Food: Rascal’s is known for its “Famous Reubens”, but it is the whitefish salad sandwich that has me hooked (no pun intended). I’ve also tried the fresh cut fries as a side, which were great. Do note that Rascal’s also sells deli meat and salads (as in cucumber salad, whitefish salad, etc), and there are a number of vegetarian and even vegan options for the non-meat and non-animal-consuming patrons.

This is absolutely one of the better lunch options within driving distance from me, and now I’m jonesing to get to try it one day for breakfast (served until noon during the week and 2pm on the weekends). I also really like Reubens and other deli sandwiches, so if I’m feeling up to straying from the norm, there are plenty of options to do so.

Overall grade: B+ [out of a possible A+]


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