Week 37 — Rhinegeist Brewery

I will start this post by prefacing that I 1) do not generally love beer, and 2) will never consider myself a beer connoisseur. Now that that is out of the way, I will proceed with what I think of Rhinegeist, one of Cincinnati’s newest gems.

Location: Rhinegeist Brewery located just north of Findlay Market on Elm Street, which means its location is pretty centrally located for all Cincinnatians, even if it is situated just off the beaten path. A parking lot across the street houses a few dozen parking spots, while street parking caters to the remainder. The scene is pretty industrial and it was a little hard to find (read: not a lot of super obvious signage). That is, if you are a few beers deep (read: buzzed) and Date and yourself don’t think to spot the food truck anchored right out front.

I digress.

Atmosphere: The space is very industrial and three flights of a charming, original staircase lead you to a huge, brightly-lit room with cornhole boards and ping pong tables. The bar itself is tucked away in one of the corners where there are also rows of tables to sit and chat with friends, drink beer, and eat what was bought at whichever food truck is situated outside. A number of fans individually circulate throughout the space, as air conditioning does not exist. On a hot summer night, I can see how this would provide a very uncomfortable setting, but on a more mild evening (as when we were there), the temperature paired with fans throughout was much more pleasant.

The Beer: There were about six beers on tap (with a couple more arriving seemingly any day) and, because I don’t love IPAs, I sampled both of the lighter beers (Cougar and Uncle). I went with Cougar because 1) it tasted better of the two, and 2) it had a higher ABV than the latter. Of course, Date went with an IPA because those are his favorite, and he seemed to enjoy it.

I was very impressed with Rhinegeist’s laid back yet fun atmosphere, as the four of us enjoyed a game of cornhole followed by conversation at one of the tables—all while sipping on the craft flavors they had to offer. Of all I’ve been to in the Cincinnati area, this particular brewery is definitely my favorite. Rhinegeist not only lends its outstanding beer selection to its patrons, but its outstanding space allows for plenty of things to do while you’re there, too.

Overall grade: A+ [out of a possible A+]


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