Week 38 — Chicken Lays an Egg

Confession time: here’s one of those places I’ve been more than once; stemming before I created this website.

folk·lore [ fṓk làwr ] – the traditional beliefs, legends, music, customs, dances, and art forms preserved among a people.

Welcome to Chicken Lays an Egg: Cincinnati’s very own folklore folkstore.

There’s a quote I once heard that went a little something like, “you can buy fashion, but you can’t buy style” and Chicken Lays an Egg is the perfect place where you can buy fashion pieces to satiate your eclectic and unparalleled style. If you’re looking for unique, one-of-a-kind apparel and accessories (and at a reasonable cost), I highly recommend shopping locally and supporting Chicken Lays an Egg: a vintage shop located just off the beaten path in booming Northside.

Location: Like many places within the city limits of Cincinnati, Chicken Lays an Egg doesn’t have a private parking lot. Instead, however, there is street parking along Hamilton Avenue, Northside’s main thoroughfare, as well as on Hamilton’s various concrete tributaries (including Chase Avenue, where CLAE is located).

Atmosphere: The storefront to CLAE is welcoming, as the interior is quaint and is generously stocked with various apparel, accessories, toys, games, and novelties from yesteryear. Its laid-back ambience is juxtopositioned with delightfully cluttered but organized and colorful supply, where the vast array of vintage items is inviting (albeit a little overwhelming).

The Experience: Because I am usually not looking for anything in particular and choose to go when I have a lot of time to browse, I like to thoroughly peruse the entire space. While I am typically looking for items of the accessory persuasion and always love the pieces available in that category, the last tryst I had with CLAE I indulged in two vintage cameras for my arsenal of vintage cameras with hopes that someday I will be able to move out on my own and use them for décor. (As with the other merchandise in the store, they were very reasonably priced and in wonderful condition.) To add to the all-around awesomely kitchsy, adorable, eclectic shopping experience, the owners are awesomely friendly and helpful as well.

Pair Sunday Northside brunch with checking out Chicken Lays an Egg and I dare you to find a better, more productive and wonderful way to spend a few short hours in the Cincinnati area.

Overall grade: A+ [out of a possible A+]


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