Week 40 — Abby Girl Sweets

It’s not often I go out of my way to make buy sweets, so when I do, I like it to be good stuff. And, because I no longer work near The Sweeterie, it was time I found the next best thing in the area. Thankfully, Abby Girl Sweets has set up shop in Blue Ash, in addition to its Downtown location.

Location: Abby Girl Sweets (Blue Ash) is located on the corner of Kenwood and Glendale-Milford (right where Glendale-Milford turns into Pfieffer), which makes its location easy to get to by highway (I-71, I-75, I-275, and Ronald Reagan) and by any major surround thoroughfare. I went around lunchtime, which meant it could potentially be very crowded. Conversely, there was sufficient parking, and only one group ahead of me.

Atmosphere: The interior of the shop is very cute, but doesn’t allow for a lot of space to eat in. The décor is unassuming and fresh, and from what I recall there was a table for patrons to enjoy their sweets in house. Because I was taking my cupcakes to go, sitting in was not necessary. (I have a feeling that sitting in probably doesn’t happen a whole heckuvalot, as it’s very convenient to grab your treat(s) and go.)

Food: Being the awesome girlfriend that I am, I decided what better day to give AGS a try than to swing by and pick up a couple of treats before meeting Date at our favorite lunch spot for his birthday? The nice thing about going myself was that I got to choose the flavors. Fortunately, Date likes just about everything, so it was all but assured he would be okay with whatever cupcake(s) I decided. Naturally, I went with Triple Chocolate and Cookies-N-Cream. The former we split after his birthday lunch, while the latter we split after I took him out for birthday dinner. Both were pretty good but not too rich and, seeing as I don’t particularly like icing to begin with, the fact that the icing wasn’t TOO rich was a pretty big deal.

I will certainly return to Abby Girl Sweets in the future, as I wouldn’t mind trying more flavors (or repeating the ones I previously had), and having AGS within close proximity of my everyday life is quite a treat. No pun intended.


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