Week 42 — Korea House

I love Asian food. Therefore, I have made it my personal goal to try any and all Asian restaurants in the Greater Cincinnati area. Thankfully, Date likes Asian food just as much as (if not more than) I do, so it’s great knowing that he’s always up to try new places, too. And, after getting to try Bibimbap at Suzie Wong’s last year, I’ve been jonesing to try it again. So, at Date’s request, Korea House it was.

Location: Date requested Korea House because he’d heard good things about it, and it is located somewhere in between where he and I work. Truth be told, I’d never heard of it, but was more than willing to make the trek up to Harper’s Station to give Korea House a try. Nestled in a strip mall at the intersection of Montgomery Road and Kemper in SymmesTownship, KH enjoys proximity to 275, 71, and, well, Montgomery Road. In addition to its convenient [albeit way suburban] location, there is plenty of parking, even if a short walk is ultimately required.

Atmosphere: I really liked the interior of Korea House, as it was nicer and less tacky that most Asian restaurants. The atmosphere was very comfortable, and Date and I were seated near the back corner, which allowed for privacy and maximum ogling into each other’s eyes. (I hope it’s obvious that last part is a joke.)

Food: While the Bibimbap was not quite on par with Suzie Wong’s, I realize that may be because I got chicken instead of beef. Thankfully, Date got beef and it was awesome. Mine was still good, but I know what I need to get every time. And, more importantly than the Bibimbap, the five sides that preceded our stone bowl meal were tops.


Overall Grade: B- [out of a possible A+]


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