Week 43 — Brotherton’s Family Restaurant

I feel like I belong here. Like I can show up un-showered in sweatpants and not be judged. Like I have a little bit of flavor, but don’t have to impress the joneses. Like I went to Finneytown High School.

Location: Brotherton’s is nestled between a couple of other retail establishments at the intersection of Hamilton Avenue and Compton Road in Mt. Healthy. Its location makes it easy for patrons to take any popular thoroughfare to it, as well as provides convenience from Ronald Reagan Highway (take the Hamilton Avenue exit north about a mile). Additionally, there are a lot of street parking spots as well as a parking lot in the rear, so finding a place to call your car’s home for an hour or two is not at all difficult.

Atmosphere: Outdated is the word that comes to mind. Unassuming, too. Yet oddly charming. There is nothing spectacular or special about this restaurant, which boasts counter seating, tables, and booths throughout. I will say, though, that window seating to enjoy the passersby is probably the best, most “ambient” choice.

Food: One of the least expensive breakfasts (or dinners) around. And, as in any greasy spoon diner, Brotherton’s does breakfast right. My brother, mom, and I (and sweet baby nephew who didn’t eat the food there) met for brunch for a mere $20, which is extremely tough to do anymore (seeing as a pop is $2+ itself). As an example, I got two eggs, toast, goetta, and fries as my “potato” for $4.70!

Brotherton’s is your average, dingy, greasy spoon diner that looks like it’s 100 years old (it’s not) and like people still smoke in it (they don’t), but the food is well worth the cost, and its convenience makes this local establishment a wonderful option for any meal (but mostly brunch).

Overall grade: C+ [out of a possible A+]


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