Week 44 — Sukhothai Thai Cuisine

My favorite thing about Thai restaurants, unlike eating at Indian restaurants (where I get the same dish everywhere I go), is that I like to go for a specialty dish, or what our server has to recommend. Because I am always in the mood for a rice dish and not often noodle dishes, I opted for the Mango Curry chicken dish.

Location: After reading about its secluded location and parking situation, I was a bit concerned to head to Sukhothai for lunch. But, like Mekong Thai Cuisine (my current favorite Thai place), the former has Thai Garlic Chicken, so I wanted to give it a try regardless. Also, it wasn’t that hard to find and parking was just fine; especially for lunch.

Atmosphere: I particularly enjoy the seclusion and where the actual restaurant is located, and the interior is decently nice as well. It isn’t super nice, but it also isn’t terribly tacky like a lot of Asian restaurants.

Food: I was particularly impressed with the spice level and the frequency of refills, which can both make or break an experience, in my opinion. And, oftentimes, I feel like Thai places can easily botch the two. Thinking back, the spiciness was enough to make my nose run, but not near enough to linger beyond my meal. Therefore it was a really pleasurable spice experience. My server was definitely attentive about my water levels, too, because I didn’t run dry once, even in my spice-filled experience. I also got the Golden Blanket (marinated minced shrimp and pork deep fried between spring roll sheets) to start since I wouldn’t be having any spring rolls (egg rolls aren’t an option … bummer in the variety department) with my meal. That was definitely edible, but really just okay.

Sukhothai is good, but it’s not awesome. Overall grade: C+ [out of a possible A+]


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