Week 45 — Zab Thai Kitchen

You’d think I was on some kind of Thai kick, huh?

I don’t typically eat Pad Thai and, although I like Thai food generally, I more often than not opt for specialty dishes.

Location: A bit off the beaten path, Zab Thai is situated in a strip mall in Loveland adjacent to Receptions Loveland. Therefore, it is relatively easy to get to, even if it does feel like it takes a while to get there. Additionally, there is an abundance of parking, so that is not an issue.

Atmosphere: Probably the strangest part about this experience—which was Date and I meeting one of my best friends and her husband out for dinner—was the atmosphere. Enjoying the company the four of us brought to the, err, table (no pun intended) was great, but the ambience itself was a little bizarre. The set-up of the restaurant, though pretty nice, looks like it “used to be a Fed Ex store.” Unusually large aisle-ways and intermittently placed décor aside, it was nice enough for the occasion.

Food: I’m thankful to go places with my perma-date because it’s kind of an unwritten rule that I get a dish, he gets a dish, and we split (or at least get to try a couple of bites of the other person’s meal). Therefore, he and I got Curry Fried Rice with chicken and beef Pad Thai (both heat levels at 2 out of 5). Both of these dishes were surprisingly spicy. But good spicy, not the kind where you just sit and sweat and wish you hadn’t ordered it so high. Instead, I was just a bit shocked that, even though we went below middle-of-the-road, it was still a bit sweat inducing. Food-wise, my favorite part was the Lady’s Purses that we got as an appetizer. They were delicious.

My biggest complaint is that the atmosphere, although not bad, felt very unfinished. The service was a little slow, too, but it was a Friday night and we had beer (BYOB!), so we weren’t at all in a hurry despite it being a bit crowded.

Overall grade: B- [out of a possible A+]


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