Week 47 — Hops House 99

I can’t vouch for the food at this place, but I can give an opinion on the booze. And we all know I have opinions; especially on that.

Hops House 99 (HH99, we’ll call it) is a welcome addition to the neighborhood (fine, Lawrenceburg), as it boasts ninety-nine different kinds of beer (24 on draft and 75 types of bottled beer), 30 of which are locally brewed in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Location: Situated inside of Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, HH99 is a bit off the beaten path as far as “local” reviews are concerned. It was because of Date’s brother’s birthday (and because they both have good taste in beer) that we found ourselves venturing outside of the 275 loop for the occasion. The brew house enjoys casino and Boogie Nights traffic, and at one point while we were there was pretty dang packed. So even though it’s quite the trek from the parking lot to the restaurant, it is well worth stopping in if you are at the casino anyway.

Atmosphere: I was pretty impressed by the interior décor, as it felt a bit classier than your average pub. Of course, there were a number of people standing around the bar area, but there were also secluded and well-designed tables toward the back of the restaurant. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a dinner date, you can, but if you want to simply hang out with a handful of friends while having some beers (like we were), that works perfectly fine, too.

Beer: As the DD, I didn’t partake in the libations. But from what I witnessed, everyone at the table seemed to enjoy it; especially the variety. And, according to Date, “The beer selection there was fairly extensive … that’s a lot of beers for the area, and it’s good to see beers there that you can’t find in Ohio or Kentucky … They apparently have a house ale, too, that I didn’t have but my brother got it and liked it pretty well.

Overall grade: B- [out of a possible A+]


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