Week 48 — Crafty Supermarket

This past weekend marked the 4th birthday of Crafty Supermarket, the eclectic “indie” craft show that finds home in Music Hall, one of Cincinnati’s most illustrious and most notorious architectural gems. That particular tidbit shocked me, as I’d never heard so much as a rumbling about this event, and just so happened to be perusing Facebook the morning of when Over-the-Rhine’s page posted about it. I was immediately intrigued—changing my plans from stopping by Findlay Market to instead hitting up what could be a fantastic place to buy Christmas gifts. And—don’t be silly—stuff for me, too.

Crafty Supermarket sign

The rundown:

  • More than 50 vendors were set up at Crafty Supermarket, providing a wonderful, vast selection of handcrafted goods. In addition to these vendors, there were food trucks parked out front and Dojo Gelato situated among the vendors indoors.
  • I had gelato for lunch … because grown-up.
  • A DJ provided a pretty great soundtrack to my shopping experience.
  • The only negative was it was PACKED. Then again, that’s only a negative for me, as that’s wonderful for the vendors. The place opened at 11am and when I got there around 11:45, it was overflowing with shoppers. It was pretty impressive.
  • Despite the huge number of people in attendance, parking wasn’t an issue. There were still plenty of spots left in the Washington Park garage when I got there.
  • I got to knock out some Christmas shopping while obtaining ideas (and business cards) for additional gifts. I even got a couple of things for myself, including a brass Ohio necklace from Wholly Crafts that I am kind of obsessed with.
  • If you like things shaped like the state of Ohio, this place is absolutely for you.

Crafty Supermarket interior

Music Hall is positively gorgeous inside and out. The capability to take in the wonderful architecture and interior design, while enjoying great food, good music, and fantastic hand-crafted goods, provided an unparalleled craft show experience. People like to say that Cincinnati is a couple of years behind the times. I think the real issue is that the people of Cincinnati are a few years late catching on to everything. I can’t believe three years had passed without so much as knowing about this. I will be back in the future. (Crafty Supermarket takes place twice a year—November and April—at Music Hall.)


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