Week 51 — Ei8ht Ball Brewing

Huh. Ei8ht Ball Brewing. That’s a new one. I first heard about The Party Source’s new addition just a few weeks ago and, to my delight, I’ve already been! (I guess that’s obvious, considering I’m here. I digress.)

Ei8ht Ball BrewingDate’s friend suggested we meet up for drinks here on a Saturday night, and quite the idea that was. With more than 42 beers on tap (many which Date has never even heard of, and he tries a lot of obscure booze), there were more than enough to be tried. Date opted for the flight of 8, ranging from a variation of Belgian wheat, to Stout, to Scotch Ale, to some kind of double IPA Dutch something-or-other. Hey, I’m not here to be snobby about my booze; I’m here to drink it. I trust his opinion.

Ei8ht Ball Brewing

The flight was the perfect opportunity to get to try a multitude of brews, and thankfully he let me in on his connoisseur-ing. Of course, the double IPA was my least favorite, but that’s not because it was a bad beer per sé. I just don’t prefer most IPAs. Everything else was good. I just still can’t get over the variety.

I liked a few things the most: 1) You can grab a beer (or 10) from here and enjoy while you peruse the rest of all the awesome things The Party Source has to offer; 2) This particular brewery features locally-brewed beer, but it also boasts a plethora of additional, rare international beers; 3) They even have snacks that you can buy for those of us who didn’t eat dinner beforehand.

Ei8ht Ball may not my favorite brewery in the area, but it’s absolutely up there.

Overall grade: B+ [out of a possible A+]


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