Top Tweets

Bengals @ Steelers
Sunday, 12/15 – primetime
Last night’s game wasn’t a heartbreaker. Instead, it was more of an, uh, jawbreaker. The Steelers came out playing its signature smash-mouth (and unfortunately that can be used literally) style of play, and the Bengals—in standard primetime form—looked ill-prepared. And even that is too generous a description, I think.

But with one of the Bengals’ best, most consistent players being brutally hit by way of helmet to helmet contact and disposed of for the rest of the season aside, I bring to you the best tweets I saw during last night’s debacle:

“Laying out a punter = dunking on an adjustable basketball hoop.” –@Scoberg
“…I already threw the controller at the TV and I’m not even playing anything.” –@themusketeer
“’We Dey’ has to be the most platitudinous and impotent comeback ever.” –@EliseMichelle

[In 2014, I intend to implement this kind of segment to the blog whenever a local game or sporting event (or any kind of event, really) takes place in the Cincinnati area.]


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