Week 52 — Amma’s Kitchen

I liked Amma’s, but I didn’t love it.

Being accustomed to North Indian fare, I think I didn’t quite understand what I was in for. But a vegetarian friend suggested we try it, so she, her husband, Date, and I met (we all love Indian food; typically of the North variety) to give it a whirl. While we knew it was a veg-friendly establishment, I don’t think any of us realized that it was strictly a vegetarian restaurant. (This is OK for me, seeing as the dish I get is vegetarian anyway.)

Amma's Kitchen

Amma's Kitchen
I think our eyes were a-lot-a-bit bigger than our stomachs, but it was all pretty good. We got Onion Masala Dosa to share (it was great to try, but it was HUGE), and we each got a dish for dinner. I generally order Paneer Makhani from our North Indian friends, but I thought I would go a different route since the fare was different than what I was used to. Therefore, I opted for the Chili Paneer, which was deep fried and more closely resembled a Chinese dish. Not a bad thing; merely an observation, and not what I expected. My favorite thing about it, was that it was deliciously spicy. It teetered on the precipice of too spicy, as I beaded up with sweat, but it was a nearly perfect spice level. Perhaps next time I will opt for the Paneer Makhani (it is not on the menu, but our server ensured it can be ordered anyway) to see how it measures up.

The location isn’t great, but the service was pretty outstanding and the food was pretty good, too. It seems unfair to give this particular grade to this place, but anything higher feels too generous. As I said, I liked the food I got. I am more than happy to give this place another shot.

Overall grade: C+ [out of a possible A+]


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