The Cincy Food Scene (and deals)!

This past weekend Date and I went on a Maker’s Mark Ugly Christmas Sweater Party and Scavenger Hunt through Mainstrasse. Our list took us to places such as Rosie’s, Pachinko Bar, Goodfellas, Up Over, Zola Pub & Grill, Mainstrasse Village Pub, Strasse Haus, Cock & Bull, and—finally—Main Bite, where we were to complete various tasks, take pictures with various props, try the many specialty Maker’s Mark drinks, and collect a multitude of novelty items throughout.

We made our way through nearly every single challenge in the allotted four hours (no, we didn’t win, and it’s still a sore subject), but I came away with what I think is the coolest possible prize. We (wait, maybe it was just me?) made friends with the owner/chef and her employees at our final stop, Main Bite, an “American Small Bites Restaurant,” where we balled totally out of control in one of the challenges (I’m still bitter about our loss) while we sipped on hard cider, and she totally sold me on this.

foodieCincy Deck has produced a 52-card deck featuring $10 off coupons to a number of independent restaurants in multiple cities (this deck particularly in the Greater Cincinnati area), with an “Eat well. Eat local.” tagline. Being entirely up my alley, I happily forked over $20 for this Entertainment-book-esque plethora of deals, and very much look forward to using these coupons to further my venturing out in 2014. A few highlights include: A Tavola Bar + Trattoria, BrewRiver GastroPub, Dilly Deli, Istanbul Café, The Rookwood, Main Bite, Virgil’s Café, and these are only a small sample size of the entire catalog. If I only make it to two places, my $20 has already been made back.

To get your own deck of foodieCincy cards, click here.


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