The Coveted List

In 2013, I made it my personal mission to go to one new place—whether it be a restaurant, event, venue, or Cincinnati landmark—every week for the entire year. 52 NEW PLACES! While it was a wonderful opportunity to experience Cincinnati and everything it has to offer, it got a little pricey, and it left a lot to be desired—in the way that there were a lot of places I felt like I couldn’t repeat. Not to mention that it wasn’t easy!

Alas, my 2013 Mission is officially complete, and I am moving onward to exciting new things in 2014.

I thought that I would simply make return trips to a lot of places I hold near and dear to me, but after consulting the lovely people of social media, I learned that there are a LOT of Quintessential Cincinnati restaurants that I: a) need to check out for the first time, or b) make a point to get back to. For example, I’ve never had Camp Washington Chili, Tellers, or Vitor’s, while I’ve been to places like Friendly Stop, Half Day Cafe, and Price Hill Chili, but it’s been a while and it’s necessary I return.

I will be sharing and updating my ever-evolving List, which you can view here.

[Please note that this is neither the first draft nor the last, and it will always be changing. Also note that the places in grey are long term List Places that I intend to get to someday; the places with a strikeout are those I’ve been; and the highlighted restaurants are those I consider to be Quintessential Cincinnati and plan to visit in 2014 if I’ve not already been. This List does not include national chains, and it only features “chains” or franchises which originated in the Cincinnati area.]


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