What to Expect in 2014

What better to do when you’ve gone somewhere new and reviewed said places for 52 weeks straight? And when eating at Senate for 52 weeks straight probably isn’t an option? Start a new list!

There are plenty of places that I didn’t get to go to from my original list, and there are a number of places that are new or didn’t appear on the original that I would like to try. Conversely, and probably my least favorite aspect of my 2013 Journey, I was not able to review places I love that were not considered new. In 2014, I look forward to sharing new places as well as the many “old” places I hold very near and dear to me.

Also in 2014, I’ve decided to try out a new format. My Journey in 2013 adhered to a pretty consistent layout (Location, Atmosphere, Food for the restaurants, and variations of which for non-restaurant locales), and I would like to remain pretty true to that without being so verbose (I have a problem with that). Therefore, my posts will—hopefully—be a bit shorter and more concise, and will—hopefully—contain at least one photo per post.

What you can expect in 2014:
Reviews and opinions regarding:

  • Quintessential Cincinnati establishments
  • “New” restaurants, events, venues, and retail shops
  • “Old” restaurants, events, venues, and retail shops
  • Sporting events and sports venues
  • Cincinnati in general, and whatever I see fit to share with you all

One of the things I am most looking forward to is being able to frequent repeat offenders. There are so many restaurants that I love that I’ve felt obligated to stay away from in order to try all the new places I needed to.

Additionally, I am more than happy to take suggestions, so if you have any ideas regarding where I should go or what I should talk about, I’m all ears!


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