2013 Summarized

Top 5 from Tour de Cincinnati (in order)
American Sign Museum
The Rookwood
Rhinegeist Brewery
Taste of Belgium
Incline Public House / BrewRiver Gastropub (tie)

Best Condiments
Senate’s aioli
Brown Dog Café’s honey curry mayo
Mekong’s veggie roll sauce

Wildflower Café  I get why this place is #1 on Cincinnati Magazine’s top 40
The Rookwood  I was surprisingly pretty blown away by my burger there

Incline Public House
21c Rooftop Bar


Chicken Lays An Egg

Dark Horse – Place I loved but didn’t expect to.
BrewRiver GastroPub

Asian Food Standouts
Indian – Ambar India
Korean – Korea House
Japanese – Kyoto
Chinese – Yat Ka Mein
Thai – Mekong Thai
Asian Fusion – Suzie Wong’s

Take the Cake
Taste of Belgium

French Fries
Grippos® fries from The Rookwood (and honorable mention to the truffle fries from the same place—they’re almost as good as Senate’s!)

Events – Things other than restaurants that need love, too.
City Flea
Panegyri Greek Festival

Can’t Wait to Get Back to
Virgil’s Café
Green Papaya

Most Anticipated New Restaurant
1A) Sleepy Bee Café
1B) The Eagle OTR


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