Blue Ash Chili…

…Stop Number one of my Tour de Cincinnati-style Chili.

Blue Ash Chili

Blue Ash Chili felt a lot like most chili parlors do: more on the spectrum of diner and dive (makes sense, seeing as this place did appear on Guy Fieri’s show), yet quaint, comfortable, and actually kind of nice, if I’m being honest.

I opted for a cheese coney (hold the mustard and onions) and french fries. I was impressed with Blue Ash Chili’s, err, chili, and found it to be pleasantly meaty. Many people do not like Cincinnati-style chili because it is runny, but I did not feel that way towards this parlor’s signature delicacy.

The service was quick and great. I sat down, ordered, ate, and paid my $3.92 bill in less than 30 minutes. When I was leaving, the cashier looked at my paltry bill and said, “there’s no way one coney was enough.” Yes, yes, it was. It was just the right amount to finally give Blue Ash Chili’s namesake a try. Also, I’ve got a figure to watch here, and with starting Weight Watchers on Monday, I better get used to portion control.

Blue Ash Chili was a wonderful place to spend lunch. It was quick, it was good, and it was inexpensive. Considering I don’t generally love chili, I am surprised by how much I enjoyed it.


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