Tour de Cincinnati-style Chili

As I’ve previously discussed, in 2014 I’ve decided to frequent a lot of quintessential Cincinnati restaurants. It wouldn’t be quintessential Cincinnati, though, without Cincinnati-style chili parlors on the list—most of which I’ve not been. In my defense, I don’t love Cincinnati-style chili, which is why I’ve not yet tried most of them. Therefore, as a neutral, non-chili lover, I feel that makes my palate a pretty good one for this journey: in 2014, I will try a coney from the following 10 chili parlors*:

Blue Ash Chili (Blue Ash)
Camp Washington Chili (Camp Washington)
Chili Time (St. Bernard)
Dixie Chili (Newport)
Empress Chili (Alexandria)
Gold Star Chili (Various)
Park Chili (Northside)
Pleasant Ridge Chili (Pleasant Ridge)
Price Hill Chili (Price Hill)
Skyline Chili (Various)

I will then review said chili parlor and, upon my completion of the entire list before the end of 2014, I will rank them from top to bottom.

*I realize more places than just the aforementioned sell Cincinnati-style chili. However, I’ve decided to simply rank the local “chili places” from top to bottom. So basically, if “chili” isn’t in the name, it shan’t be on the list.


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