2013 At A Glance (according to Date)

As something a little different, I enlisted Date’s help, expertise, and writing ability in order to compile some sort of 2013 summary for me to share with you all. Because he is the beer connoisseur in this duo, we agreed that touching on the best craft beer spots in Cincinnati would be the best. Date would like you to please note that these are ranked simply from my list of places that we visited in 2013, and these aren’t necessarily his favorite beer spots in the city.

Ei8ht Ball Brewing

5. Moerlein Lager House
The novelty has worn off a bit, but Lager House is still the best option for someone trying to find a good beer on the Banks. They may not have the selection that a place like Yard House does, but there’s a Moerlein beer for every taste, and their guest tap selections are always top notch.

4. Brew River
We really liked their food, but the beer selection there keeps me going back. They have a pretty solid mix of local breweries like Listermann and MadTree, but also have a lot of good craft selections from around the country. The only complaint I’d have would be about their prices, but if you want a couple of good beers with your meal, Brew River’s hard to beat.

3. MadTree
Probably the top dog when it comes to breweries who made a splash this year, and rightly so. Their space in Madisonville is a great place to sample their beers, and their beers are pretty solid. It was a little too crowded to move around when we went, but that means that they’re doing something right.

2. Rhinegeist
Take everything I said about MadTree, but I like their beer and their space better, giving them a better ranking on this list. If I could recommend one local brewery to check out, it’d be Rhinegeist.

1. Ei8ht Ball
The sheer volume of amazing beers available here makes this the destination for beer nerds. They had 42 beers on tap, and I hadn’t even heard of more than half of them. They have rare craft beers from the US, as well as incredible international beers too. Styles from all over the spectrum, as well as some heavy hitters above 10% ABV, they’re an amazing resource to have and a place I’m looking forward to visiting more in 2014.

Out of pure curiosity, I asked Date, “Overall, which [place] was your favorite?” His response was, “Between Senate, Kyoto, The Rookwood, and Rhinegeist … I’m not sure I can choose between them.”


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