Remezo Greek Cuisine

I don’t generally love Greek food, save for a few times a year I’m in the mood for it, or when I’m at the Panegyri Greek Festival. With that said, I was in the mood for Greek and it just so happened to be around the time that Remezo opened its doors in Mason.

A friend/coworker and I decided to go for lunch, where we gave Saganaki (flaming Greek cheese with brandy and lemon) a try to start, and I opted for Souvlaki (basically a gyro with chicken) and she went with a Gyro—both of us having Greek fries.

Remezo Greek Cuisine
I was very satisfied with my meal (especially the Greek fries), and liked it about as much as I expected. Service was very friendly, too, even if I found myself empty on my drink while I was eating—my only real complaint of the meal. I was very impressed by the interior, as I’ve been to similar larger spaces in restaurants and felt uncomfortable by the setup and decor (or lack thereof, I guess).

Any time I’m in the mood for this Mediterranean delicacy, I know where to satiate my need.


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