Weekly Recap

This past week was another really eventful one, seeing as I signed up for Weight Watchers* today (first weigh-in is tonight!). Crossing off the first Tour de Cincinnati-style Chili locale, I took to visiting Blue Ash Chili during lunch last week (more here). To round out my week full of “last suppers”, I made sure to get wings and cheese fries from my favorite wing joint, Steak Nina JB’s; met my mom and Gram at Mt. Healthy gem Brotherton’s Family Restaurant, where I enjoyed a hearty breakfast for a mere $4.75; hit up The Lackman with Date, his brother, and two more friends while we waited for our table at Senate (Date’s brother’s first time—more on that coming later); checked out Newport on the Levee’s newest bar/nightclub, Flashbacks, where Date’s brother bartends; and Date and I enjoyed delicious carryout during an otherwise very depressing Bengals game from Yat Ka Mein.

Also this past week, I bit the bullet and bought myself a new DSLR camera to welcome to my Tour de Cincinnati family. I asked for gift cards for Christmas knowing I would foot the rest of the bill to make it happen, and it did. I’m looking to use said new camera to document all that is wonderful in Cincinnati: its architecture, its lovely geography and landscape, and all of its wonderful food.

My new baby.
My new baby.

*It’s been a big week for me personally, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have reservations about joining Weight Watchers. Alas, my health trumps trying any and every food imaginable (no matter how good that sounds). That being said, though, I welcome the challenge of finding a balance between eating healthily and still venturing out into the wonderful world of Cincinnati to share with you all. See also: Flex Points. Wish me luck!


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