Top Tweets … and then some

Every year I pride myself in chipping more and more away at the ol’ emotion block (as far as the Bengals are involved, anyway), but somehow my fervent fanitude finds a way to rear its ugly head. After I’ve let the initial shock depression subside from this past Sundays suckfest, I thought it was time to recap and highlight the top tweets from the whole debacle. Because what better way to get over our foolish significant other than to revisit how this relationship was unhealthy for all of us to begin with? Humor, that’s how. And I guess a bit of realism, too.

@CourtHausfeld The game wasn’t blacked out so I guess Dalton decided to be?

@chrismwendling #RefShow
Y’know, in case you missed Jeff Triplette’s ineptitude

@GreggDoyelCBS Brandon Tate runs South and South.
Because seemingly everyone except Marvin Lewis and Darrin Simmons (Special Teams Coordinator) understands how not good Brandon Tate is at kick/punt returns

@UnkRam Who are they?
A little wordplay with the Bengals’ lovable yet grammatically incorrect “Who Dey”

In the least hilarious but not at all shocking tweet in the history of ever: 
@AKinkhabwala Multiple Chargers tell me Bengals did NOTHING offensively that they hadn’t prepared for. No tweaks, no surprises.

And the most awesome tweet of that shitshow is from none other than:
@BennyCL This house is falling apart! RT @WALKTHEMOONband let’s go bengals!
Benny’s reply to WTM’s tweet is an homage not only to the Bengals’ terribly play on the field, but also to lyrics from Walk the Moon’s most famous single. If you’ve not checked them out, do it now. If you’d like to read more about them, you can do it here.

In addition to top tweets, you’ve got to check out this killer throwback gear I saw a friend post on Facebook. I wonder if there’s any chance I can convince him to sell me one all of them.

Courtesy of Ryan Tomaro.
Courtesy of Ryan Tomaro.

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