Drum Roll…

For 2014, I decided that—drum roll, please—for every week in the next year, I will photograph someplace in Cincinnati and blog about it. (I know the suspense was killing you!)

Don’t worry. I still plan on going to new Quintessential Cincinnati restaurants, albeit less frequently, but because I recently purchased a new camera, and because I also started Weight Watchers, I feel as though this is a wonderful opportunity to utilize my new toy while trying to adhere to my new lifestyle*. I intend to share these wonderful places in Cincinnati—most will be architectural landmarks, while others will feature portraits, and others will feature geographical cityscapes—with you all while learning more about my new camera and honing in on my craft hobby.

Some background: Between high school and college, I took four years worth of photography classes—film and digital. Therefore, I have learned a lot about the history and technical aspects of photography, various shooting techniques, as well as the entire process involved (whether developing film or editing digital photographs with Photoshop), while attempting to perfect my own style. I am very excited to venture out on this new year-long project because not only will I be able to better my skill, but I will be able to continue sharing everything that I love about this wonderful city with you all; all while I stop eating out so dang much. (As much as I love it, it does get expensive, and it’s not particularly doing my waistline many favors.)

If you’ve any suggestions where I should go, I’m all ears! Happy 2014.

*Eating much less and more healthily.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa E says:

    So many to choose from – Taft Museum, Roebling Bridge, Serpentine Wall, Gazebo in Eden Park all come to mind.

  2. Pop Culture Broad says:

    Oooh. Great suggestions! I’m really looking forward to this project.

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