There’s Ohio, and then there’s everywhere else

I recently ordered a new t-shirt, and if you guessed it features the state of Ohio in some facet, you’re absolutely correct.

The Social Dept.

How did I not know about The Social Dept.? It is AWESOME. And there is merchandise for all Ohioans and not just Cincinnatians. Visit the website where this t-shirt was purchased here.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Christopher M. Lewis says:

    That is raw! I need that a s a p.

  2. Pop Culture Broad says:

    I felt the same way when I saw it. It can be purchased at Link can also be found in the post!

  3. Christopher M. Lewis says:

    I’m throwing it in the cart now. Do you know if they are true to size? I see the womens run small.

  4. Pop Culture Broad says:

    They’re true to size men’s wise. They’re American Apparel shirts. I usually wear a small/medium in men’s, and it fits perfectly.

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