Enjoy this year — and your surroundings

I got an idea from a friend for 2014: document everything good that happens to me throughout the year and read through them when the new year comes around. That’s twelve months of compliments, experiencing new places, enjoying the people I spend my time with, and things I generally found out of the ordinary—or maybe they seemed ordinary before I took the time to document why it is they are beautiful and noteworthy.

I intend to document compliments others have given me and that I have given to others; places that I have found beautiful or really enjoyed; and to note when these things took place and how they made me feel.

The point of this project is to spark more positivity and gratefulness in my life—something everyone could use a bit more of. It will also help me remember everything wonderful throughout this year, when—often times—we spend too much time dwelling on the negative. So to go with my other yearly challenge, I am happy to give this a try, too. And I challenge you to do the same!

The mason jar came in at a whopping $1.99 at Target, and will hopefully serve as the perfect capsule for these wonderful memories. 


(The Brownstone Print can be found at Fab for $17, with 11″x 14″ white frame from Target; Sugar Paper monthly planner for $9.99 at Target; and Around the World Letter from Urban Outfiitters for $14.)


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