A love letter to my readers…

…whether there are 6 of you or 37—I want you to know that you are all very much appreciated.

Something happened today.

I saw a friend tweet that CityBeat’s “Best of Cincinnati 2014” poll was online, and it wasn’t until I was locked, loaded, and ready to pull the trigger on voting for Red Reporter* for Best Blog, did I see that Tour de Cincinnati was an option—situated among some seriously great competition. Blogs that garner much more readership than mine.

City Beat Vote

I realize my chances here are small. And it’s not so much the mere nomination that sent me beside myself (trust me, it did). But to know that my readers care enough to compliment my work when they see me; share my elated Facebook posts unashamedly requesting votes; retweet my same sentiments on Twitter; or private message me to tell me, “I suggested your blog as an option for the Best of Cincinnati- So glad you got selected! You deserve it!”—I want you to know that I appreciate it. Every eye that has skimmed the lines of Tour de Cincinnati, and every person that has had a hand (literally and figuratively) in spreading the word of the site: thank you!

I don’t need a win to know my work isn’t going unnoticed. So thank you for spreading the Tour de Cincinnati love. I feel like we are one step closer to attaining my goal: reaching any and every Cincinnati resident (and beyond) who loves and appreciates this city as much as I do (and if they don’t yet, they will).

You all are the best!

*Red Reporter is an SBNation blog covering the Cincinnati Reds. It’s informative, it’s witty, it’s fun to read, and Paul Daugherty HATES its unaccountability (and, thus, its popularity—more reason to read it, if you ask me). The kicker? It is managed by Date. Who would have ever guessed that his blog and mine would be pitted against each other in the Best of Cincinnati? We rule.


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  1. Andrea says:

    Congrats! That is so exciting. Good luck!

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