Week 4 — Powel Crosley YMCA

Photographing at Powel Crosley YMCA felt really necessary for a number of reasons:

1) PCY is nostalgic for me. This task was personally significant to me, seeing as I spent five years of my life doing gymnastics as a PCY Monarch (from when I was six until I was eleven). I got to know a lot of people—a handful whom I still keep in touch with on Facebook; people I occasionally see at my neighborhood pub; and my best friend since I was two years old, who still coaches for the team. I got to further acquaint myself with my new camera, all while working on my photo techniques and watching the next generation of gymnasts at work. Win/win/win.

2) Gymnastics equipment provides visually interesting angles and line work. The aesthetics of these apparatuses are truly wonderful and, as a minimalist and detail-oriented graphic designer, I felt this was right up my alley.

3) Shooting indoors is an ongoing challenge for me. This specific outing was one more step toward working on that. The shutter speeds and working with depth of field were difficult techniques, but proved to be successful despite working indoors.

Balance beam.
Balance beam.
Uneven bars and chalk.
Uneven bars and chalk.
Uneven bars.
Uneven bars.
Vaulting table and springboard.
Vaulting table and springboard.

And, just for good measure, I thought I would be nice and share with you all a blast from my gymnastics past: level six floor routine and level six bar routine (age nine). You’re welcome.


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