Happy Fry-day!

This year is quite different than last, and the biggest reason is because I am not allowing myself to eat anything good. I kid. I eat some really good things actually, but I am—admittedly—limiting myself from things I love, and from trying all of the new places I wish I could. All in all, this new lifestyle isn’t very difficult (I’m four weeks in and 10.6 pounds down. Toot, toot!), but there are a few places that I miss so, so much. The good news is that I won’t be living like this forever. Once I get down to a size where I feel comfortable to maintain, I will not be limiting myself quite so much.

At this point I am adhering pretty hardcore to the points system, not drinking, and working out 3–4 days per week (almost exclusively cardio). My first self-imposed cheat meal will be taking place on Valentine’s Day, as I NEED a cheeseburger and French fries. The Rookwood—having a top 5 burger in the area, and being one of the better date restaurants I’ve been—is one of our favorite restaurants we visited in 2013, and we have been looking to go back. Valentine’s Day seems to be a perfect excuse. Also, they take reservations.

In addition to The Rookwood, which I will be fortunate enough to have in t-minus seven days (at that point I will be nearly six weeks in—the longest I’ve stuck to any “diet” without faltering), I am REALLY missing a few places. Most of all, I’ve found myself jonesing for breakfast at Sleepy Bee Cafe. Mekong Thai Cuisine‘s Thai Garlic Chicken and veggie egg roll; as well as Senate‘s poutine, Senate burger, and truffle fries follow closely thereafter. I’ve not yet had it, but it is killing me to know I still can’t try The Eagle OTR. So I guess I don’t miss The Eagle so much as I’m experiencing a serious case of FOMO. I’ve heard nothing but great things about it.

Also, according to Senate’s Facebook page, “it’s Bacon Fat Friday. That’s Bacon Fat+Crispy Fries+Friday.” Fry-day. Yum.

Hopefully soon. And in the meantime, enjoy some for me!


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